Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a fast and effective way of getting rid of unwanted tattoos.

At The Dunes Skin and Laser, we use a Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser which can be adjusted to target most ink colours.

The ink is broken up by the energy of the laser and expelled from the body over time. Usually a series of treatments is required to achieve satisfactory results.
As a guide, complete tattoo removal requires 4 – 10 treatments carried out 8 weeks apart.

The price of Laser tattoo removal ranges from $75 – $500 per session depending on the size of the tattoo.

Before Treatment

Tattoo Removal

After 2 Treatments

After 3 Treatments

Before Treatment

Tattoo Removal

After 2 Treatments

After 3 Treatments

Before Treatment

After 1 Treatment

Before Treatment

After 1 Treatment

Commonly Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Yes, it can be uncomfortable. People who have undergone laser tattoo removal treatment compare it to the snap of an elastic band against the skin. However, we all experience pain differently and tolerance is a variable factor.

In preparation for your treatment, you may wish to apply a topical numbing cream an hour before the treatment (which you can purchase from most pharmacies) or take two Panadol 30 minutes prior to treatment.

Will the laser completely remove my tattoo?

Most tattoos can be considerably diminished and many can be completely removed. Some tattoos can be removed more easily than others, depending on the following factors:

Colour, quality, quantity, depth of pigment, what kind of pigment used, age of the tattoo and the location on the body. Professionally applied tattoos use ink intended to be permanent and can require more treatments than amateur or medical tattoos.

Am I required to have a consultation before laser tattoo removal?

Yes, we will book a FREE consultation appointment for you with our certified laser specialist before to scheduling any laser tattoo removal treatments. This is for your own protection, and we cannot make exceptions. At this time, we can address any concerns you may have. You are responsible for informing us of any medications or natural health products you are taking and of any underlying medical conditions you have. These are critical details that we must consider when customising your laser tattoo removal treatments.

After your consultation appointment, we can often begin your treatment at the same time.

What can I expect after tattoo removal?

After treatment, you may experience a few uncomfortable laser tattoo removal side effects such as redness, blistering, swelling, scabbing, itching and small amounts of pinpoint bleeding, as if mildly sunburned. Blisters will usually appear within 24 hours of treatment; sometimes the blisters are very large and may look alarming – this is completely normal.

These minor symptoms will likely only last a few days after each treatment, but possibly could go on for several weeks. In the interim, you can soothe the discomfort with an ice pack. A layer of antibacterial ointment and a sterile gauze will be applied to the area then covered with Opsite (clear waterproof plastic – much like glad- wrap)

After your first treatment, we will supply you with a Tattoo Removal After Care leaflet on how to best look after your wound. These instructions are integral to attaining quality tattoo fading without skin texture change, infection, or other unwanted side effects.

Scarring, which can be hypertrophic or even keloid, can occur but is VERY RARE. Loss of skin pigment (or excess gain of skin pigment) in the treated area MAY occur, but is temporary in almost all cases.

Tattoo Removal

If you are considering tattoo removal, it is important to keep the treated area protected from the sun for at least four weeks prior to treatment.

“I had a grey, black and white tattoo on my inner forearm and wanted it removed. I contacted Sonia at The Dunes and within one treatment the tattoo had almost completely disappeared. My friends, family, and work colleagues all couldn’t believe the different with just one session. Sonia at The Dunes provided a professional treatment plan with the latest equipment in a positive friendly environment.

A+++ service – would highly recommend to anyone looking for laser tattoo removal.”


“Would highly recommend – I have had two treatments of laser tattoo removal and am blown away with the results.
I have had 4 treatments elsewhere and was very disappointed. I am so glad I gave Sonia at The Dunes a go!”


“Very professional and friendly.”


“I am half way through my laser hair removal and I am delighted with the progress. Pain free and quick service that I can’t wait to get to the end of my treatments. Sonia explains everything throughly and is always making sure your comfort is priority. I have also had a tattoo removed by Sonia and it was removed within 3-4 sessions. Her equipment is of the highest and newest quality! Again, at every stage of the session she makes sure your comfort is paramount.”


“So impressed with my treatment the other day with Sonia. She was professional and so informative with the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment that I had done and no question was unanswered. She made me feel at ease since I had, had done this with someone else but felt very uncomfortable. I have even re booked to get all my sessions done with her because she made me feel so welcome.”


“My experience at The Dunes was a breeze start to finish. Communication was professional and prompt. The treatment room clean and comfortable and Sonia was absolutely fantastic. I was a little nervous about my first laser hair removal treatment but it was far less painful than expected and now I’m writing a list of all the other areas I was de-fluffed. I will be a regular customer for years to come.”

“Sonia is so lovely, she put my mind at ease and I felt very comfortable. This is all quite new to me so Sonia’s kind, relaxed and fun attitude made this first experience easy for me.”
“Sonia was very friendly and welcoming and took the time to explain everything that was going to happen during the treatment, she was very professional and her studio was immaculate.”