Hair Removal



At The Dunes Skin and Laser, we use the latest SHR (Super Hair Removal) equipment combining IPL with laser. Totally painless with excellent results.

Laser hair removal is a fast, effective and practically painless method of getting rid of unwanted hair.

We use the latest technology combining IPL and Laser to ensure the best results for hair removal.

For best results of hair removal, a minimum of at least 6 – 10 treatments is recommended for each treatment area at intervals of every

  • 2 – 4 weeks for treatments on face
  • 4 weeks for treatments on body

Once this initial treatment program is complete, maintenance sessions may be required once or twice a year to get rid of any new hair growth.

All areas must be shaved 3 days prior. Avoid applying moisturiser or other products to treatment area.

What are the benefits of SHR technology?

  • virtually pain free hair removal & skin rejuvenation
  • more gentle on the skin than standard IPL or Laser
  • more successful on tanned skin and darker skin types
  • more successful on lighter and finer hairs
  • sun exposure after treatment is less problematic

More details will be discussed at your consultation or appointment regarding treatment sessions and maintenance plan, plus pre and post care for each session.

  • Nose

  • Ears

  • Beard Sculpting

  • Upper Lip

  • Chin

  • Full Face (or sides)

  • Neck (front or back)

  • Underarm

  • Arms (half or full)

  • Chest

  • Shoulders

  • Stomach

  • Areola

  • Snail Trail

  • Brazilian

  • Bikini

  • G-String

  • Leg (half or full)

  • Back (sides, half or full)

  • Buttocks

  • Feet and Toes

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